Our Food

We offer a huge range of delicious, freshly prepared smoked meat and fish. Here’s a few of our favourites. And if nothing here makes your mouth water, we’re always open to requests!

Pulled Pork & Brisket

We start the process by applying our own Stone House dry rub of spices and leaving to marinate in the fridge for a minimum of 12 hours. The longer the marinade, the more intense the flavour. This is then put into one of our smokers and smoked for around 24 hours. The “pulled” element can then commence!

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We take a whole side of Ribs and apply our Stone House rub, the ribs are then left to marinate in the fridge for 6-8 hours.

The Ribs are hot smoked at a lower temperature to what we smoke the pork and brisket for around 8 hours, when they will be falling away from the bone. Perfection!

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Beech Smoked Chicken

First we brine the chicken for 2-3 hours, then dry and apply our Cajun style or Stone House rub ready for approximately 3 hours in our hot smoker. This process may seem long but its well worth it as you don’t end up with dry chicken- the complete opposite! Really juicy and succulent.

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We offer freshly smoked whole sides of Salmon, whole Trout & Bream and sides of Hake & Haddock. All our fish is carefully selected from our Birmingham wholesalers market; this requires a 4am start! The only way to select exceptionally fresh fish for our smoking process.

Our selected fish is cured, washed and air dried for a certain amount of time ready for the hot smoker. Have you ever tried freshly hot smoked fish? Trust us, it’s amazing!

We also offer sides of ‘cold smoked salmon’ which have been dry cured, a malt whiskey mist applied and then placed in the cold smoker for 24hrs.

The process is complete after 2 days in our dry age fridge, over Himalayan salt blocks, set to the ultimate temperature and humidity for fish to achieve perfection for cold smoked fish.